Enterprise Risk Management Solution

Enable Security Anywhere

Keeping Mobile Workforces Safe

With our React Mobile platform people all over the world can take advantage of lightweight mobile safety solutions that protect them both day and night, on-site or off-site.


Keeping Your Hotel Employees Safe

95% of housekeepers said they would feel safer with a panic button. Click below to learn more about empowering your employees.

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Protecting Your Staff, Faculty, and Students

Extend the safety of your employees & students beyond the perimeter of your campus. Click below to learn more about how you can increase campus securi...

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Enhancing Existing Security Offerings

Provide security officers and protective agents with the tools they need to respond quickly in emergencies. Reduced response times, means saving lives...

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Protecting Employees Everywhere

Whether it is on-site or off-site, look after your employees with React Mobile safety platforms. Click below to learn how.

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Real Estate

Protecting Real Estate Agents

Peace of mind for real estate agents when touring and showing homes. Click below to learn more about how you can increase personal safety.

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