We Protect People

React mobile enables security anywhere. Your employees’ productivity and potential will take new heights when they feel safe. We are here to help you take action and make a positive impact.

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Enable Security Anywhere

Enterprise Risk Management Solutions

With React Mobile enterprise safety platform your employees will be protected day and night, anywhere.


Keep Your Hotel Employees Safe

95% of housekeepers say they would feel safer with a panic button. Click below to learn more.

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Risk Management - Protecting Employees

Helping You Protect Your Most Valuable Asset - Your Employees

We are keeping mobile workforces safe around the world around the clock.

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24/7 Monitoring

Enabling Security Everywhere

The React Mobile enterprise safety platform protects people on the go whether they are on-site or off-site. Take action today and implement our safety...

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Campus Safety

Keeping Teachers and Students Safe

Protecting students day and night, on-campus and off-campus

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Start by Downloading The Free React Mobile App for iOS and Android

React Mobile is a powerful personal safety app that turns your smartphone into a powerful lifeline. Learn where we make a difference with our enterprise customers at: reactmobile.com/stories

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Learn about React Mobile's Enterprise solutions and how they fit your needs.

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React Mobile Features

Why Choose React?

Peace of Mind

Extend the safety of your employees & students beyond their workplace or campus.

Cost Effective

React Mobile is a risk mitigation tool that can go live within weeks, saving you time and money.


Fully customized security application for your university or company


Fully branded with your organization's name, logo & user interface customizations.

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